The West Road Treaty

King Bard and the great city of Dale
Good King Bard, in an effort to unite and bring prosperity to the region, has summoned a great Council of the North and proposed the rebuilding and guardianship of the Old Dwarf Road through Mirkwood. He has promised one hundred strong men to make the way safe for merchants and travelers and to personally fund the first three expeditions along the old road.

The King Under the Mountain
King Dain Ironfoot recognizes the value of a great western trade route to bring dwarfish goods east of the Misty Mountains. And although there is still much work to be done in rebuilding Erebor, he has promised engineers and masons to help rebuild the Old Dwarf Road and restore the great Beacon Tower at its heart that once protected it.

Radagast the Brown and the Woodmen of Wilderland
The Brown Wizard has long called for the free peoples to keep a close watch upon the dark depths of MIrkwood, where evil has long been want to fester. The Woodmen have offered to fortify their trading post in the western woods and see travelers safely from the forests edge to the foothills of the Mountains of Mirkwood.

Great Beorn and the Northman Clans
The great chieftain Beorn and his kin already watch over travelers through the High Pass and all the way to the Old Ford. Now he calls upon a new generation of clansmen to extend that watch all the way to the edge of Mirkwood.

Thranduil and the Elves of Mirkwood
Although Thranduil scoffed at the original idea to fortify the Elf Road, he has agreed to lend his assistance in reestablishing the Old Dwarf Road for trade, as well as to serve as a bulwark for his own lands against the darker elements of the southern woods. He has promised access to both ancient Elvish maps of the forest and woodland scouts to assist in the endeavor.

The Master of Laketown and the Free Peoples of Esgeroth
Although initially bitter over being excluded in the original council, the Master of Laketown has generously agreed to build an inn, docks, and warehouses where the Old Dwarf Road meets the Running River, and to provide boats for moving goods and travelers through the Long Marshes.

The Dwarf Road Alliance

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